Welcome to
Storrs Friends Meetinghouse

A Meeting of
The Religious Society of Friends,
Known as Quakers




We offer this information to acquaint you with some of the characteristics of the people called Friends or Quakers; in particular the members of Storrs Friends Meeting. While there are no dogmas in Quakerism, there are three elements of our religious society, interwoven as one piece throughout our history: First is the faith and practise by which we live, second is our method of worship and third is our mission of service through which we express ourselves in the world.
Friends look for that of God in every person, and believe through experience in direct communication with the Divine Light. Ours is among the most mystical of western faiths. We seek the spiritual comfort and guidance found in a place beyond words.
We strive to live our faith by applying our beliefs to the actions we take. We are known as one of the "peace churches", holding reverence for all life. Throughout our history we have been activists on social justice issues including many matters of social equality, economic justice, and stewardship of the Earth.
As constant seekers and ministers to one another, we strive to discern God's will in our lives.

Are you wondering
who Quakers are?
Do you only know Quakers as people with funny hats on an oatmeal box?
Well, come to
Storrs Friends Meeting
and meet us for real,
and see who we really are!
- Rachel Adams,
a Junior Friend, November 2010

Photo courtesy David Morse
Rachel Adams, right, with her family - left to right, Chris Corcoran, Abigail Adams, and Aaron Corcoran-Adams

For more information about Quakers in general or Storrs Friends Meeting in particular:

  • Come to worship with us.
  • Telephone us at 860-487-1847 or 860-429-0087
  • Visit with us during the fellowship time after each Sunday’s worship. For directions to the Meetinghouse, see
    Where to Find Us

Further information about us can be found on the other pages on this website and at the links to various Quaker web sties listed at Our Connections.