Welcome to
Storrs Friends Meetinghouse

A Meeting of
The Religious Society of Friends,
Known as Quakers




Our worship together is a search for a direct experience of the Divine Light at our center, as individuals and as a faith community. It is hard to communicate in words this spiritual experience, and the resulting wisdom of the heart. Perhaps the following quote and poem will communicate some of this presence of the Inward Light.

"A Friends meeting, however silent, is a witness that worship is something other and deeper than words, and that it is to the unseen and eternal things that we desire to give the first place in our lives."
- Caroline E. Stephen, 1908

The Meeting

And so I find it well to come
For deeper rest to this still room,
For here the habit of the soul
Feels less the outer world’s control;
The strength of mutual purpose pleads
More earnestly for our common needs;
And from the silence multiplied
By these still forms on either side,
The world that time and sense have known
Falls off and leaves us God alone.

John Greenleaf Whittier

A contra dance after a wedding at our Meetinghouse


Out of our worship flows a loving, supportive and challenging faith community.
In this community:

  • There is the friendship and joy of the weekly fellowship time and monthly potluck meals after worship.

  • Children’s programs provide Quaker learning, sharing and community service experiences. Childcare is provided for all meeting events.

  • We are a supportive but sensitive community in times of personal and health challenges. The Pastoral Care Committee pays special attention to these activities.

  • Frequently, after fellowship or at special scheduled times we gather to discuss questions of Quaker faith and practice, from spirituality to our testimonies and social concerns. Our various committees sponsor many of these activities.

  • Evenings on the first Friday of the month parents and others gather to discuss the specifics and generalities of Quaker parenting.

  • For those active in a social witness the meeting provides spiritual and personal support. Our Witness Support Committee pays special attention to these activities.

  • Each Fall, we hold a weekend retreat at Woolman Hill Center in Deerfield, Massachusetts. There are children’s and adults’ programs, worship, deep fellowship and good family fun.

  • Late each Spring we have a picnic with conversation, swimming and games.

  • We are a welcoming and affirming meeting.


The Quaker Testimonies are actions that flow from the direct experience of the Divine Presence moving through us, forming our part in the establishment of the Creator’s Peaceable Realm here on Earth.

  • Peace: We believe that non-violence is the way to resolve conflict with Love. War is not the answer.

  • Equality: We believe that all humans are created equal before God. All have some measure of the Light of God within them. Women have been equal leaders in our religious society from the time of our founding in the 17th century.

  • Simplicity: We believe that leading a simple life style leaves us space to open ourselves to the grace of God. This implies stewardship rather than ownership of material goods, and reverence for a healthy and secure life, and the health of our planet.

  • Integrity: Seek Truth. Love Truth, Practice Truth with self, neighbors, and God.

  • Community: We are individuals who form a faith community, and we are part of the larger global community. We respect and balance the appropriate roles for individual initiative and community discernment.

  • Care of the Earth: We believe that human beings as creatures of this Earth live close to the Divine Presence when we are in balance with other life/material forms of this planet Earth.

    "Celebrate Peace!", an event hosted at our Meetinghouse by the Israel/Palestine Peace, Education and Action Group of N.E. CT